Anna Marie Graham – "Debriefing: Essential for the Discipleship Journey" (2019)

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Seminar Title: Debriefing: Essential for the Discipleship Journey

Time: Friday at 1:00 pm

Location: Level 2, Room 08

Speakers: Anna Marie Graham and other Mission Reps

Organization: Outreach Canada (MORE Network)

Seminar Description:
Debriefing is an essential tool for missional discipleship. Every cross-cultural worker/missionary benefits from a personal debrief. What is a debrief? Listen to stories of how and why it makes a difference in your spiritual journey as a disciple.

Speakers' Biographies:
Anna Marie Graham is a professional Counsellor and Member Care Consultant with Outreach Canada/MORE Network. She served in east Asia for 12 years.

Concentration: Preparing for and Supporting Mission