Victor Pauls – "Maximizing Seniors’ Value and Wisdom for Discipleship" (2019)

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Seminar Title: Maximizing Seniors’ Value and Wisdom for Discipleship

Time: Saturday at 3:30 pm

Location: Level 2, Room 16

Speakers: Joe Kung, Victor Pauls

Organization: Bethany Baptist Church

Seminar Description:
Helping seniors experience an abundant, fulfilling and purposeful life style that helps build God’s Kingdom and the church. Using their knowledge and life experience to disciple and encourage cross-culturally and across generations.

Speakers' Biographies:
Joe Kung is Pastor of Seniors and ESL Outreach at Bethany Baptist Church. •Victor Pauls is a retired dentist. Chairman of CARP (Canada’s largest advocacy association for older Canadians) for 3 years. He is passionate about outreach.

Concentration: Justice (Social & Environmental)