Dieter Trefz, Rob Harris – "New Movements Making Disciples in Europe [In German Language with Translation]" (2019)

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Seminar Title: New Movements Making Disciples in Europe [In German Language with Translation]

Time: Friday at 2:30 pm

Location: Level 2, Room 07

Speakers: Dieter Trefz, Rob Harris

Organization: Kontakt Canada

Seminar Description:
From his unique perspective in European mission leadership, Dieter Trefz will share insights into recent movements in Europe for making disciples through new churches. He’ll also look at latest mission trends and what the near future holds. This seminar is in German with English translation.

Speakers' Biographies:
Dieter Trefz serves as the President of Germany’s Fellowship of Evangelical Missions (AEM), representing 106 agencies and over 4500 missionaries. He is the founding international director of Kontaktmission, whose 300+ missionaries serve in 50 countries. He travels and speaks extensively.

Concentration: Going Global - Cross Cultural Mission