Phil Jeske, Doug Friesen – "Missions and Discipleship: The Missing Connection" (2019)

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Seminar Title: Missions and Discipleship: The Missing Connection

Time: Saturday at 11:00 am

Location: Level 2, Room 16

Speakers: Phil Jeske, Doug Friesen

Organization: International Christian Ministries (ICM)

Seminar Description:
The Great Commission is about more than making converts. The challenge is to move beyond making converts to making disciples of Jesus. This seminar will discuss the key ingredient necessary so that we don’t just export a cultural Christianity by making converts and passing on biblical knowledge.

Speakers' Biographies:
Phil (PhD) is an author, missionary, leadership coach with MCNet (Ministry Coaching Network) Intl., a ministry of International Christian Ministries (ICM). Doug is a pastor, church planter, educator & mentors leaders with MCNet in Canada. Together they develop materials and coach leaders around the world.

Concentration: Going Global - Cross Cultural Mission