Randy Wollf – "Discipling Millennials for Missional Living" (2019)

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Seminar Title: Discipling Millennials for Missional Living

Time: Saturday at 2:00 pm

Location: Level 2, Room 07

Speaker: Randy Wollf

Organization: ACTS Seminaries

Seminar Description:
This seminar focuses on how we can build on several core values of Millennials to help them grow in Christ and engage in missional living both locally and globally. Randy will share from his experience as a parent of Millennials, as a former pastor to Millennials, and as a professor to Millennials.

Speaker's Biography:
Randy has served as a missionary, pastor, and church planter. He currently serves as a professor at MB Seminary (part of ACTS Seminaries at Trinity Western) and as the Director of the ACTS World Campus, the seminary’s online training arm. Randy and Lore have four children between the ages of 6-21.

Concentration: Local Mission & Church Planting